Back in 2005 I got onto my journey to reinvention by myself.

I learned so much along the way and perhaps the most important lesson was that the journey is not only more fulfilling but also quicker when you walk it with others.

  • My first reinventions were in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships - I didn’t know it at the time, but this helped me build a solid foundation for future reinventions.
  • When I decided to reinvent my career, my friends didn’t always understand why I was making these radical changes. They asked, “Wouldn’t it just be safer to stay on the corporate path, move up in job titles, make more money, get married, house, a nice car, etc.?”
  • Biggest mistake I made on the journey to reinvention was trying to do it alone - the journey is unnecessarily longer and more difficult when you go alone. The so-called “lone wolf” is the loneliest wolf to be, I should have been part of a wolf pack instead!
  • Whenever I got knocked down on my journey, I didn’t have many people to pick me up, especially those who were on a similar journey. It’s hard to pick yourself up when you are the one that’s feeling down.
  • What I needed was a community of supporters, coaches, role models, and others walking their own journey to reinvention.

Then in 2015, after 10 years on the journey, I finally hired my first coach.

This was the moment when my journey radically changed. Working with a coach did so many things for me.

  • Helped me get maximum clarity which accelerated my progress and improved my consistency. My coach knew how to push me out of my comfort zone so that I could unlock and reach new heights.
  • Unlike friends and close mentors, my coach could objectively assess my situation and offer targeted feedback that was difficult to hear at times but necessary.
  • Coaches know how to extract answers and solutions out of you. Deep down, my coach knew and believed the answer was already within me and that I was fully capable of executing. A coach's job is to help us unleash it! 💪
  • Helped me devise plans of massive action in order to make progress and when the going gets tough (and it will) coaches are there to help you pivot or persevere!
  • Coaches are not better than mentors, friends, or advisors - coaches are different. My coach complimented my reinvention entourage and helped me make the most of their support.
  • My coach is also there to celebrate with me during the wins and provide support during setbacks. When I can’t pick myself up, my coach is there to reach out and help me get back up.

Hiring and working with a coach made a massive impact on my journey!

When friends ask me what difference having a coach has made, my response always is: “in one year of working with a coach, I made as much progress as I had in the previous 5 years doing it alone.”

Roger OsorioAt around the same time I started working with a coach I also joined several groups and communities of people in different topics I found interesting.  That led to becoming very active in a couple of communities which provided me with a different kind of support and encouragement that complimented the work I was doing with my coach.

Being part of a community put me in close proximity to others who were walking their own journeys to reinvention and achieving goals I could not even imagine until I met them.

The community I was most involved with at the time was global and it allowed me to broaden my reach and impact to countries outside of my own.  There was a time I never imagined speaking at an event outside of the US and then, thanks to this global community, I got my first opportunity to speak abroad!  

Life has never been the same since I started walking the journey to reinvention with others 🙏

The School of Reinvention is a community-based-coaching platform for walking your own journey to reinvention!

Save $250 on a full year subscription

What does membership to the School of Reinvention include?

to help you reinvent yourself for a brighter future

  • 1-on-1 Onboarding Session with Roger Osorio

  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions where Roger coaches you through opportunities and challenges and you receive support from the community on the call.

  • Weekly Deep Thinking Sessions where you will have the time and space to think about the questions necessary to move you forward on the journey.

  • Weekly Reinvention Deep Work Block where we all get on a call to work on the needle-moving reinvention actions that we sometimes don’t make time for on our own.

  • Access to recordings of any live sessions with content.

  • Access to the community of reinventors walking the journey to reinvention!


BONUSES with your subscription

  • Motivation Message

    Motivation Monday Messages via our Group Telegram to start your week strong!

  • The Journey to Reinvention

    Digital copy of The Journey to Reinvention Book.

  • Additional Courses

    On-demand access to courses on reinvention skills, strategies, and tools.

That’s up to 12 hours per month of live sessions plus access to resources, courses, and a growing community of people walking the journey to reinvention.

Attend one hour a month or join us for as many sessions as you can!

All of this for the monthly price of $197, which is what you would expect to pay on average for just one hour of 1-on-1 coaching per month.

With the School of Reinvention, you are part of something bigger and more comprehensive for $197/month. Annual subscriptions are available at a discount of 10% off the regular price.

Join for a few months on a month-to-month subscription plan and if you feel the School of Reinvention is right for you, then take advantage of the 10% savings off an annual subscription.

But don’t take my word on how I can help you, check out what some of my past clients have said about working with me…

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Let's see where your reinvention journey takes you!

Reinvention Stories

From our students

“When I was laid off from a major tech company and not sure what to do next, Roger gracefully turned what could have been an awful experience into a positive one. Working as a group we bonded to share ideas of how to reinvent ourselves and support one another.

The School of Reinvention is a safe place to experiment and explore and with Roger at the helm he keeps the focus on the part of the glass that is half full.

Today, I am a real estate agent in Florida reinventing myself on a daily basis in this crazy market, helping people find their dream home.

I am grateful and thankful that I am on my reinvention journey and helping drive others to do the same through the School of Reinvention!

Cathy - Real Estate Agent in Florida

“Roger is incredible! Working with Roger I finally defined success on my terms. I also learned to identify the hidden opportunities along the journey and how to unleash their full potential! He challenges me and my process every step of the way.

Thanks to Roger and The School of Reinvention, I’m living my best version of myself and I know the best is yet to come on my journey to reinvention.

Today, I am living my best life and have reached the first major milestone along the journey - working for my dream company!

Jana - Sales Leader @ Google


  • How long does the School of Reinvention last?

    The school of reinvention is a month-to-month coaching service meant to serve you for as long as you need coaching support on your own journey to reinvention. Personally, I have been working with coaches since 2015. I need support leading up to reinventions and in between reinventions. So this is up to you. No long-term commitments required :) You can sign up for month-to-month or annual. I recommend starting out month-to-month to make sure this works for you before committing to an annual contract.

  • How should I prepare to make the most of this opportunity?

    Review all of our sessions on the calendar and select the ones you can attend on a regular basis. Make a commitment to consistency over quantity. You don’t have to attend all sessions, but if you can only attend one session per month, then make sure you attend it monthly so that too much time never passes without checking in for support from the community.

  • Do I have to be ready to reinvent myself now in order to get the most out of this?

    Absolutely not. The School of Reinvention is here to support people who are curious or considering launching their own journey to reinvention or are already on the journey.

  • What time are the live sessions?

    You can find the entire schedule inside the portal once you join. There will be at least a couple of live sessions to join each week. Your mission is to find the ones that work best with your schedule and set it on repeat so that you can make consistent and massive progress over time.

  • Do I need to attend all the live sessions?

    Absolutely not! The reason we have so many sessions is because we want you to have several options to choose from and of course, when life happens, you know you can catch another session within a week. Our mission is to make sure you feel supported all month long, when and however much you feel you need it.

  • Can I get a certificate of completion?

    Yes, if you sign up for the annual subscription, we will issue you a certificate when you enter your final three months of the first year in case you have the opportunity to submit your certificate for reimbursement, etc.

    That said, the journey continues beyond a year! It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been walking my journey to reinvention.

  • How can I learn more about the journey to reinvention?

    Pick up a copy of my book, The Journey to Reinvention: How to Build A Life In Alignment With Your Values, Passion, and Purpose. All annual subscriptions will receive a free copy!

  • What if I can't make the live sessions?

    All sessions with content will be recorded and available to members, on demand.

  • What is the time commitment?

    The time commitment can range from as little as 1 hour a month to as many as you are ready, willing, and able to commit to your journey to reinvention. The community and I are here to support you and help you walk the journey.

  • Are there courses available in the membership?

    There are courses available in the membership and you can take those on-demand as needed. The courses are meant to supplement the live sessions. There are skills and topics that are better to learn at your own pace versus a live session.

  • What if it’s not working out for me? Can I quit?

    Yes, if it’s not working out for you, you can quit from the month-to-month contract at any time and just like with most subscriptions, you’ll have access for the remainder of that month and we will stop billing you.

  • - Is the program open to participants from outside of North America?

    Absolutely! We’re building a global community to walk the journey to reinvention together!


Enroll now at $197/mo for immediate access to courses and the next live call.